Eva Fejerskov Lauridsen
Dr. Eva Fejerskov Lauridsen, DDS, PhD, graduated from Copenhagen Dental School in 1998. She has a background in pediatric dentistry and was employed at the Department of Pediatric Dentistry at Copenhagen Dental School and Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet for a number of years. Her main research area is dental traumatology, and she has authored several scientific articles and book chapters in this field. For the last 15 years Eva has been an active part of the Dental Trauma Guide research and development group and she is presently serving as chair of the Dental Trauma Guide competence center.
Feature Article
Ankylosis may occur after traumatic dental injuries and especially after luxation-type injuries. Ankylosis may progress slowly or fast but will eventually lead to loss of the tooth. In growing individuals, ankylosis leads to infraposition of the affected tooth. For the same reason, implant treatment is not recommended before alveolar growth has terminated to avoid implant infraposition.