Martin Janda
Dr. Martin Janda graduated as a dentist from the University of Malmö in Sweden in 1999, where he also completed a PhD in 2005, studying different aspects of dental information technology. During this time, he developed many continuous professional development courses and programs for dentists. For this work he was awarded the Educational Research Group Award by the International Association for Dental Research. Following completion of his PhD, he specialized in prosthodontics and shifted his research interest to prosthodontics and implant complications. He held academic positions in Australia and Hong Kong. Dr. Janda is now working in private practice in Lund, Sweden and holds a position as associate professor on the dental faculty at the University of Malmö.
Feature Article
Every mechanical construction that is intended to bear load or withstand forces can be overloaded when the forces it is being subjected to exceed a certain threshold. Biological and biomechanical systems are no exception to this, so it comes as no surprise that “overloading” has long been suspected as a cause of complications and failures in implant dentistry.